Questions & Answers

Will there be time to discuss my child's development with the childminder?

Although parents will be in contact with myself every day there may be a time when we will need to discuss your child's development while they are not present I am more than happy to do this when it is convenient for both parties.

What if my child is a fussy eater and doesn't eat what is on the childminder's menu?

You may find that because your child is in new surroundings and with other children they may change habits I will encourage but not force your child to eat food that they genuinely do not like. Children tend to eat when they feel hungry so don't worry if I tell you they haven't eaten very much on a particular day this is just for your information. You would be surprised how little food a child can eat to still get them through the day. Food consumed will be recorded daily on your childs records.

What happens if I am late collecting my child up from the childminder?

I understand that with busy working lives and Reading traffic people do get held up. Don't worry about your child they will be safe and well looked after until you arrive. I may have to make a charge if you are regularly later than the agreed collection time.

What happens if my child gets ill or has an accident whilst with the childminder?

Minor accidents or injuries will be treated by first aid and will be recorded which will be shown and signed by you when necessary. For more serious injuries every effort will be made to contact you and professional medical advice will be sought.

What would the childminder expect to provide?

For children of a younger age I would ask that you provide all consumables necessary for changing nappies. For slightly older children a change of clothes, pants, trousers and socks would be required for those little accidents. Sun cream, hats will be required for sunny days and warm clothes for colder days.

Can the childminder cater for special Religious beliefs?

I am happy to obey all cultural, religious requirements with regard to food or routine prayer times etc.